Neo 3 Pro/Pro Eye

Pico VR Sanal Gerçeklik Gözlüğü

More Power at your disposal

Starting with the powerful Qualcomm XR2 processor, 6GB RAM (Neo 3 Pro) or 8GB RAM (Neo 3 Pro Eye,256GB onboard storage and featuring a 3664 x 1920 LCD screen with a PPI of 773 and up to 90Hz refresh rate, these new headsets are both lighter and more compact than our previous 6DoF headsets.

Optical precision at your fingertips.

The Neo 3 Pro offers an improved accuracy and latency experience with the introduction of two new 6DoF controllers that use 32 optical tracking sensors for complex environment positioning. Combined with four wide-angle cameras that bring true millimeter-level positioning and tracking to the headset, stable tracking can be achieved even in low-texture environments with bright or dark settings.

Cross-Platform Capability Open Platform Expands the Possibilities

With Bluetooth 5.1 and 2.4GHz & 5GHz 2X2MIMO 11ax (WiFi6) support, the Neo 3 Pro offers both wireless or wired streaming options via a special DisplayPort and cable.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro and Neo 3 Pro Eye will also support NVIDIA’s Direct Mode providing a native 4K@90Hz high bandwidth wired connection for Pico VR Streaming. The entire Neo 3 family of headsets also support Nvidia CloudXR™ allowing businesses to integrate VR into their workflows to drive design reviews, virtual production, location-based entertainment and more.

DP Connection Supported

DisplayPort output feature on Neo 3 Pro and Neo 3 Pro Eye models allow presenting VR content on a display or TV, with an appropriate USB to HDMI or DisplayPort adapter.

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