ALPIN PC9960 / Desktop Computer

ALPIN PC9960 / Desktop Computer

JONSBO UMX6 is the new updated case in the UMX series, developed
to meet the rising heat dissipation demand of modern hardware.
It continues the UMX series integrated aluminum rounded corner design,
supporting 360 liquid-cooled radiator and ultra-long ATX PSII power supply.Full-speed USB Type-C connector on the front panel and sliding liquid cooling rack provide greater convenience

    Technical Specifications

Model: UMX6

Color: Silver (Window Version)

Dimension: 224MM (W) * 482MM (D) * 501MM (H)

Material: Aliminium Magnesium Alloy/ steel plate/  Tempered glass

Motherboard:ITX / M-ATX / ATX / EATX(Within 305*285mm)

Drive Bay: 2.5"SSD*2+ 3.5"HDD*2 or 2.5"SSD*4

Cooling Systerm:Top:120mm*3 or 140mm*2(option);  Back:120mm*1(option);  Bottom:120mm*2(option)


Water Cooling: Top240mm*1 or 280mm*1 or 360mm*1 (option); Back:120mm*1 (option)

Power Supply: ATX(Not longer than 200mm)

CPU Cooler: Not higher than 169mm

Video Card: Not higher than 330mm

Front IO Port: USB2.0*2 / USB3.0*2 / Type-C*1 /AUDIO*1 / MIC*1

Expansion Solt:8

Weight: Net 11.7 kg


  • Support 360/280/240 radiator,flagship air coolers
  • 4 mm Dual Tempered Glass Panels
  • 4 Rounded Corners Unibody Chassis
  • Support 360/240 Radiator

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