BO 100

BO series as a creative series, and its orientation is to emphasize the originality and novelty.
BO 100 is a furniture style product that we developed and inspired by high-end audio products. It defined as the support of mainstream hardware products, and for short-distance transportation.


Model Name: BO 100

Model Version: Ver. 1(Silver)

Product Size: 239mm(W) x 282mm(H) x 233mm(L) (not include case stand and handle)

Case Stand Height: 18.5 mm

PCI slots: 2

Front I/O: 1*TYPE-C(USB3.1 Gen2),2*USB3.0,1*two in one audio port (Combined 4 pole)

Weight: NW: 4.5KG/GW: 5.6KG 

Package size: 335mm(L)*305mm(W)*375mm(H) 

Air filter system: both sides , bottom, rear (pre-installed)


MB support: ITX,DTX(170mm*203mm)GPU Support: 207 mm (L)*140 MM(H) *48 MM(W)Device Support: 1*3.5”HDD+2*2.5”SSDFan mounting position: 1*12 CM(optional)Liquid cooler support: 120 MM Radiator.Part of the water-cooled cold head may interfere with the cold exhaust fan if the diameter is too large. Generally, cold heads with a diameter of 70 mm can be installed. Because the position of the motherboard CPU cannot be unified, this size is only for reference.PSU support: SFX/SFX-L(If the bottom SSD is not installed, it has no effect on the length of the power supply. If the bottom SSD is installed, the power support length needs to be within 118 mm)CPU cooler height: 158.5 mm


Handle and rear window handle: Artificial leatherU-shaped frame: 2.0MM aluminum alloy with 100#-120# sandblasting finishingFront panel: 4.0mm tempered glassInner structure: 0.8 +1.0 +1.5mm steel panel with black powder coat finishingCase stand: Case stand with aluminum alloy

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