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ALPIN Technology, hardware productions as Firewall (Firewall), Storage (Switch), Server (Server), Video Conferencing (Video Multi Communication), MCU (Central Conference Unit), Load Balancer (Load Distribution Manager), XML (Client Data and Safety Management) aims to provide the software and hardware devices of technological knowledge and skills to produce the country’s economy in Turkey.


ALPIN Technology has produced and developed 100% domestic software and hardware with the institutions and organizations, workplaces, home and office users to produce optimum solutions.


Our products are tested in accordance with world safety and performance standards by category.


We are proud to present our technological products developed with our Turkish engineers and software experts and having TSE, ISO, CE, ROHS and TUV certificates in international standards as Turkish Made


You can always contact us with our 24/7 support systems.


ALPIN ICT, which gives importance to technology and R & D in the sector, annually invests in Product and Development (Product Development), Turkish engineers and software experts who offer high-level technological products in the sector that works with high-performance devices and systems as a solution presents.

Alpin Technology


As a Turkish brand, we are proud to carry our IT power to all parts of the world.

Donanımsal ve yazılımsal olarak kurumunuza özel çözümler sunuyoruz

We provide special consultancy services to companies / institutions in the field of informatics

Administrative support for hardware and software operations.

To learn new technologies and learn what innovation brings

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Alpin technology has already produced hardware components Firewall, storage (data storage), Switch (network connection switch), Server (server), Video Conference (Video multi-display), MCU (Central Conference unit), load balancer (load distribution manager), XML (client data and Security Management) Devices in Turkey and aimed to bring technological knowledge and skills to the country economy by producing software and hardware.

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